About Us

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping every client to access his or her rights under the law. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping injured parties and their families understand how local law works. Our attorneys will explain all of your legal options, and help you to get equitable resolution for a personal injury case.

Our lawyers are local experts. We understand the vehicle and pedestrian dangers that exist in and around Fresno. This knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to handle any type of auto accident claim. Areas of Highway 99 and other major arteries regularly become congested, which leads to a greater number of traffic accident. Further, the lack of timed traffic signals and sidewalks in some areas raises risks for both drivers, passengers and pedestrians, as well as bicycle riders and others trying to take advantage of Fresno’s alternative forms of transportation.

Injury victims may face things like a statute of limitations on a claim, or other challenges from local courts. They may be under pressure to settle quickly with insurance companies. They may not understand how to get quick, professional and impartial medical evaluation. Our lawyers help to explain all of these things, and help their clients through every stage of their case.