About Our Site

We help those dealing with Barbiturate addiction plus their families and friends get the information, care, and the required resources to find assistance.     

When we started out, we had an aim of establishing a website that would serve as a significant source of information on barbiturate addiction and retrieval for those individuals struggling with the substance abuse ailments and co-morbid psychological health disorders. We work together with nationwide acknowledged alcohol and drug treatment amenities that offer medication consultation and counseling, placement and admission into a medication program, as well as insurance/payment information.

All the information included in our site is produced by our professional team of journalists and researchers, some who are recovered addicts of different substances. Therefore, if you are an addict struggling with recovery, know that some of us have walked in the same shoes. The various areas on barbiturate addiction are selected after conferring with treatment experts, recovering barbiturate addicts, and top addiction resources to determine what kind of information is most beneficial to those looking for assistance for their loved ones or even themselves. All our blogs are reality-based and obtained from appropriate books, medical publications, and government agencies. Moreover, each blog post includes a date on which it was last improved if we add new information to it.

Included Contributors

We proudly work with therapists, counselors, bloggers, contributors, and advocates who have learned about barbiturate addiction, are recovering from the substance themselves, or who have once had their lives affected by barbiturate substance abuse in one way or another. We try our best to include the widest feasible set of views on barbiturate abuse, to offer the most detailed and up-to-the-minute information, and also to reach the broadest audience possible.

Our Society Outreach Team

Our internal community outreach crew makes our site known to relevant partners and spreads awareness concerning barbiturate abuse and recovery. Every single member of our crew works to reduce the stigma of abuse and encourage the struggling individuals to get the medication they ought to have with the information on our site. So, welcome and we hope that what you will find here will change your life.